Costuming.org was started in hopes of giving serious costumers an online community. With cosplay having huge dedicated website communities, and an emphasis on showing off photos and instant gratification, we felt a need for a community more closely focused on our favourite part of the hobby - the making of costumes. We also wanted to try to connect younger costumers who communicate primarily via the web to the established costuming communities such as the ICG.

Our wish is to make this a community about the actual *costuming* aspect of costumes for ALL genres. This is a place to discuss all types of costuming, share pretty costumes, discuss their problems and progress, inspiration, costume photos, useful links, and talk about actual construction and technical/visual aspects of costuming.

Are you interested in costuming for the sake of costuming? if yes, then you're probably in the right place. :) Join us on our discussion forums - if you're stumped on how to build something, have a problem with your sewing machine, are trying to find a specific kind of fabric, chances are we'll be able to help you.

Please bear with us as we expand this very new site, and feel free to invite anyone else you think may appreciate a community of this nature. We would also love any input or contributions you could make to the content of this site - do you have useful tutorials on costume-related topics? Know of any great sites we should link to? Let us know!

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